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  • What's Inside The Course?
    Lesson 1: In this first lesson you will learn about the musical alphabet, intervals of a major and minor 2nd, how to build a and label a major scale. Lesson 2: How to read and understand the chords for songs like 'Stand By Me' How to build chords from a major scale The difference between a major and a minor chord How to read a simple chord symbols Lesson 3: How to build the most common 7th chords The 7th chords found in a major scale How to build 4 types of 7th chords from any note Understand the chord symbols used in jazz songs for 7th chords Lesson 4: What are 9th, 11th and 13th chords How to 'alter' chord extensions and how they change the chord How to build chord extensions onto the 4 main chord types Lesson 5: What are sus chords and how to build them. What are slash chords and what their effect is. How to invert chords and what chord symbols do they use. Lesson 6: The famous ii V I chord progression! How to analyse a jazz standard How to identify the most common chords sequences within a tune Lesson 7: What to play over common chord sequences. Understand how to use different scale types. How to outline the chord changes when using the same scale. Lesson 8: How to create a melodic minor scale How to build chords with a melodic minor scale How to create interesting phrases with melodic minor harmony Lesson 9: What are pentatonic scales and why are the useful? How to build a pentatonic scale. Where and how to use major and minor pentatonic scales over common chord sequences Lesson 10: How to build common melodic minor pentatonic scales. What chords do these pentatonics sound good on? A melodic trick you can use when improvising on a minor 2 5 1 chord progression. Lesson 11: How to use chromatic approach notes, passing notes and enclosures How to look at a phrase and understand how it is constructed How to create more interesting phrases Lesson 12: What is the tritone substitution? Where do I use it? How to use it to make your II V I phrases more interesting Lesson 13: How to use diatonic music structures to create interesting lines How to use the V - I chord superimposition Fundamental rules for creating interesting musical phrases Lesson 14: How to build phrases using parallel pentatonic scales. How to build parallel phrases from musical cells. The best places and how to use these techniques. Coming on 9th Feb Lesson 15: Understand how modes are made Useful way to order them How to use modes on tunes
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