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What's Inside The Course?

Module 1: Getting Started
Lesson 1: Keeping the groove 
Lesson 2: Your first phrases
Lesson 3: Expanding your range
Lesson 4: Building solos with phrases

Lesson 5: The Blues Scale

Module 2: The Blues
Lesson 6: The Simple Blues
Lesson 7: The Major Blues Scale
Lesson 8: 2 New Keys 
Lesson 9: The Minor Blues (Part 1)
Lesson 10: The Minor Blues (Part 2)

Module 3: Common Progressions
Lesson 11: The 50's Progression
Lesson 12: The Major II V I
Lesson 13: The Minor II V I
Lesson 14: Adding Passing Notes
Lesson 15: Enclosures
Lesson 16: Short II V and Learning Language
Lesson 17: The Secondary Dominant 
Lesson 18: The Back Door Progression
Lesson 19: Turnarounds 
Lesson 20: Turnarounds (Part 2)

Module 4: Famous Jazz Tunes

Lesson 21: Jazz Blues (Full Version)
Lesson 22:
Lesson 23: I Got Rhythm
Lesson 24: Autumn Leaves
Lesson 25: There Will Never Be Another You

Module 5: Learning From The Greats
Lesson 26: Cannonball's Solo on Barefoot Sunday Blues

Coming on 8th June 2023
Lesson 27: Another iconic saxophone solo breakdown!

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What's Inside The Course?

Lesson 1: Introduction to ear training
Lesson 2: 6 exercises for  1st, 2nd and 3rd scale degrees
Lesson 3: Harmonic intervals + 4th scale degree
Lesson 4: Triads + 5th scale degree
Lesson 5: Chord I and IV +  6th scale degree
Lesson 6: Chord I, IV and V + full major scale
Lesson 7: The b3 + full major scale 
Lesson 8: The b7 and common blues phrases
Lesson 9: The b5/#4
Lesson 10: The b6/#5
Lesson 11: The b2
Lesson 12: All 12 degrees!

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What's Inside The Course?

Lesson 1: The major scale and how to build it.
Lesson 2: How to read and understand the chords for songs like 'Stand By Me'
Lesson 3: How to build the most common 7th chords
Lesson 4: What are 9th, 11th and 13th chords and how to alter extensions.
Lesson 5: Sus chords, slash chords and chord inversions
Lesson 6: The famous ii V I chord progression!
Lesson 7: What to play over common chord sequences.
Lesson 8: Melodic minor scales and chords
Lesson 9: Use pentatonic scales over common chord sequences
Lesson 10: How to build common melodic minor pentatonic scales
Lesson 11: How to use chromatic approach notes, passing notes and enclosures
Lesson 12: What is the tritone substitution?
Lesson 13: Improvising over 1 chord - different strategies for interesting lines
Lesson 14: How to create lines using parallel pentatonic scales and musical cells.
Lesson 15: The modes of the major scale.
Lesson 16: The modes of the melodic minor scale
Lesson 17: The modes of the harmonic minor scale
Lesson 18: The diminished scale (part 1)
Lesson 19: The diminished scale (part 2)
Lesson 20: The diminished scale (part 3)
Lesson 21: Guide-tone lines (part 1)
Lesson 22: Guide-tone lines (part 2)

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So you’ve just got back from the sax shop and you’re sitting there holding a big tube of metal with lots of buttons on it and it all looks a bit confusing! Or maybe you played years ago and you want to get started again in the right way and build good habits from the start. If that’s the case, then this is the course for you!

What's Inside The Course?

Lesson 1 of 10: Mouthpiece, Ligature and Reed.
Lesson 2 of 10: Forming Your Embouchure and First Sound.
Lesson 3 of 10: Finger Placement and First Notes.
Lesson 4 of 10: Articulation and 4 more notes.
Lesson 5 of 10:  2nd Octave Notes, Low C, Reading Music Intro + When The Saints.
Lesson 6 of 10: F# and C#, D major Scale + Over The Rainbow
Lesson 7 of 10: Bb  and Eb, The Minor Pentatonic + The Blues!
Lesson 8 of 10: Ab and High D, The Chormatic Scale + Blue Skies
Lesson 9 of 10: High D# and E, Low C#, 16th note rhythms + a funk sax workout!
Lesson 10 of 10: All the notes, building your routine, 7 steps to learn any tune!


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Your questions answered about all things music and saxophone! You can send me questions about saxophone gear, playing tips, practice techniques, tone production, improvisation, reading... You get the idea! No question is too large or small!

What's Inside?

February 2023: Reeds, mouthpieces, practice tips, vibrato, articulation and more.
March 2023: The Bis Key, Improvisation, Fuzzy Sounds, Tuning and more.
April 2023: High notes, low notes, jamming with a band, sticky keys and more.
May 2023: Breathing, how to store you sax, reading chords and more!
June 2023: Staying motivated and focused, writing a blues, articulation, transposition + more!

Coming 5th July:
July 2023: Send me your questions to

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Lesson 1: Learn the importance of layering rhythms, vocalising note values + 'rhythmic' scales
Lesson 2: 8th Note Combinations

Lesson 3: Coming 15th June

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