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In the OSA I found something exceptional; useful tutorials on playing and improvising along with enjoyable arrangements of actual songs. The material is not only fulfilling to play but shows how the cogs and wheels of the tutorials can be applied, in practice, to create solos and interest. 

Lionel Sacks, Trondheim/Norway

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In the YouTube lesson library, you will get access to the resources that accompany the weekly YouTube lessons.
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Whether you want to learn how to improvise, play by ear or improve your music theory knowledge. As a premium member, you will get complete access to all the OSA Step-by-step guided courses. Watch from any device, anytime, anywhere you want. Learn to play the way you always wanted to.

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The Shed

As a premium member, you can access and download all the materials in The Shed! Here we have finger charts, major and minor scales, pentatonic and blues scales, arpeggios and chord worksheets that you can work through and get under your fingers! New material is added each week!

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You'll join me, and the hundreds of other members, in this supportive community, where you can get answers to any issues you have, you can share videos of what you're learning, and connect with like-minded people! Don't be stuck practicing all by yourself!


What first attracted me were the three graded solos on tunes that I was currently playing in my restaurant gigs and out in the street. I quickly found out that I am comfortable with most of the intermediate solos, so you still present a learning opportunity with all the advanced versions. The rest of the stuff I will delve into, a great start for me with OSA!

MIchael Dixon, Catalunya/Spain

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"I found myself to be really rapidly improving after I started ...most importantly they are very fun!"

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Tuna Kuyucu, Instanbul/Turkey

From beginners to advanced...

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"I've subscribed to a few channels, one of those being OSA, and I have to say that's one of the best!"

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John Smith, UK

"Finding a teacher like Paul has been absolutely amazing for me, during the course of my lessons I have made huge progress...all my family and friends have commented on how quickly I have been able to start playing the instrument to a decent standard"

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Cherry Harris, Andulacia/Spain

Playing the music they always wanted 


Joining Online Sax Academy was one of the best experiences of my life. He helps and supports me, always gives me positive inspiration. I was amazed at how easily he can help and teach me, and his patience and knowledge are admirable. He not only teaches me to my level, but what is more important he develops my knowledge and improves it continuously.

Gyula Farkas Jr.MD.  Ass. professor of Surgery

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I am 39 years old, it is very encouraging to find the incentive to study and get results, the lessons helped me a lot. I am a beginner to understand music in another way... thank you very much for contributing so much to those of us who did not have the opportunity to learn before ... greetings from Argentina!

Pablo, Argentina.

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